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Astrology is the study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies which influence natural earthly occurrences and interpret human lives, characteristics and activities.

World Professional Astrology Federation is a public organisation uniting astrologists, astrology schools and organisations. The federation promotes the use of astrology by general public; it provides information about the science and art of astrology, qualified professional astrologers recommended by the federation and other schools and organisation where people can learn to become an astrologer.

The WPAF aims to develop and promote the expansion of a correct professional status for astrology by ensuring, that the general public is correctly informed about astrological practices.

WPAF guides its members to excellence in professional conduct and practice, the members of the federation must act in the best interests of the clients and treat them with respect, observe confidentiality, practice only within the limits of competence and the Law.

WPAF is working to discourage attempts of unqualified people to call themselves astrologers or provide astrological services to the general public.

WPAF monitors government legislation and conducts activities that maintain and protect the Det galler att vara bade strategisk och kunnig nar du spelar, och aven att ha turen pa din sida. rights of astrologers


WPAF provides professional training, helps in job placement and filling up all the necessary documents. Advises and assists in cases of disputes with employers as well as protects the rights of professionals.

WPAF together with the International Federation of Experts provides opinions on professional competence. WPAF sends inquiries into professional and other organizations or training centres. WPAF can also verify training of specialists and their professional capabilities.

WPAF aims to promote education in the field of astrology and allied subjects and set a level of competence internationally. WPAF runs, supervises and organizes educational and training centres and courses for astrology.
WPAF publishes books, magazines, and other education related materials. 
WPAF holds seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and public meetings.


World Professional Astrology Federation

Organisation Mondiale Professionelle des Astrologues

Federacion internacional de astrologia

Welt professionelle Astrologie Verband

Всемирная Профессиональная Федерация Астрологов